Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Photo Time!

The other day we were walking through my parents garden and were completely overwhelmed with the beauty of it. My mom and dad have just killed themselves this year, as they do every year, with their gardening. If anything, they have gotten better and better with each passing year. Anyway, we decided that the time was right to get some family photos, and what better place to use than their beautiful garden. I don't think we could have found anywhere more perfect.

We love out grapes and this particular vine is more than 20 years old.

This is outside the old root cellar in the back yard. No posing required, Reba did this all on her own!

Such a beautiful little girl!

It doesn't get any better than that smile! 

Link is growing into a little man. He is the best. 

Watch out ladies, he's single!

They love each other, but this was the only picture with them together that one wasn't trying to push the other off the bench! 

Grandma and Reba. I love the spontaneous pictures like this.

What's up doc? 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


A couple of weeks ago i saw a guy on ksl selling coffins for $100 a pop, and i figured i could do the same thing for much less. So these are a few of the attempts i made. I think they turned out pretty well... The ones with the cob webs are my moms, she did all the extra decorations. The great thing about these is that they are actual size, so when your done using them as decorations, you can get buried in them! Actually after i made the first coffin i showed pictures to a couple people at work and they literally thought i was making them to be used as real coffins! I dont know if i should take that as a compliment, or not...

 Thanks Angie for hiding behind this and holding it up while i took the picture!

My parents have the perfect little grove of trees in their yard by the driveway and every year my mom does a great job of decorating it. One year she even had a little pathway through the trees to a small fire where she was sitting giving out Halloween candy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


My sister Jenny got a good deal on Pears up near her house so we bought a couple boxes so we can have canned pears! After doing salsa and all manner of jam's within the last few months, pears is a treat cause they are so easy! All you gotta do is peal them and quarter them, throw them in the jar, add a little sugar and a little water,put them in the bath, 20 minutes later you have canned pears that will last for years! It was actually a lot of fun to do as a family and Link really enjoyed helping (eating). Hopefully we will be able to do some peaches before the end of the season, so if anyone knows where we can get some on the cheap, let me know!

Photo shoot with Reba

These are some pictures from a little impromptu photo session Angie had with Reba... She is such a beautiful little girl...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Harvest time

Link at grandma and grandpa's house

They have a much better garden than us this year...

Just a pic i took while we were canning our salsa. Its got the chicken coup, and yard in the background and kinda embodies everything i love about living at our house.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Miscilaneous photos

Just thought i would take a few minutes to post some of the latest pictures of the kids.

This is Link and Reba laying on the bed. Link is starting to get used to having Reba around and is turning into a great big brother.

Reba is going to be a thumb sucker im afraid...

 What a cutie huh?

Link ont he swing at grandma and grandpa's house

 One of our two new goats. This one is name Queedo!

Link finally ourgrew his little dresser and this is him helping to fix his new one. He is all about using any screwdriver he can find for any purpose he can get away with. Lucky for him this is an aproved screwdriver activity. As opposed to sticking it in an outlet, which he learned is NOT on the approved list.

The finished product. Link is so excited about his new dresser that he cant stop opening the drawers. He woke up yesterday and said to Angie, "mom i love my dresser!" 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

House update.

Its been a while but here are some updated and semi updated pctures of the house! We have come a long way, and still have a long way to go, but we love living here and love the journey!

This is the living room. Its kind of dark in the picture but you can see that the sheetrock is up and painted and the green carpet didnt end up being the eye sore that we feared it might. Also we will be replacing the two windows in the picture in the next 2 weeks or so. They are on order! yay.

This is the new kitchen! the cupboards are the same as before, we just painted them. We replaced the outside wall and you can see part of the new window which is a big improvment over the drafty old ones.  Other than that, all we did was throw up some yellow paint and called the kitchen good! New floors to come! 

This is Link's room. We went with the Buzz lightyear, star command theme since he is such a huge Buzz fan. Check out that killer storm trooper coin bank he has. Im jeleous!

Link Playing in his room.
This s Link helping me build the wall to seperate the new washroom from the kitchen. He likes to help dad with the tools.

Link helping dad some more. He has quite a tool collection these days!

This is the finished laundry. Its more of a laundry nook than a laundry room since there are no doors. The wall does help make it feel seperated though.

Link yet again helping dad in the tools shop. He is a great kid and i love that he wants to help me so much.

This was taken last fall when the leaves were still fallins but i think its a great picture.

This is a pitcure taken from Reba's window. There are actually 15 deer out there making themselves at home. Unfortuantly thats exactly where we were planning on having our garden... Well i guess we can still try...

Mre pictures are to come...